TitleName/EmailPhone Number


Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Marie Cirasella201-444-1400


School Business Administrator

Stacy Garvey201-444-1400


Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Melissa Quackenbush
201-444-7400 x 215


Director of Special Services

Christina Gouraige201-444-7445 x228


Director  of Continuing Education

Nicholas Capuano201-444-2030


MPHS PrincipalNicholas Capuano201-444-7400 x 202
MPHS Vice PrincipalJason Cata
201-444-7400 x 204
Assistant Principal/Director of AthleticsMichael Gaccione201-444-7400 x205
Principal of SHIP/HIPKathleen Treni201-444-8882
Supervisor of SHIPCandi Mascia Reed

Highland School Principal Peter Galasso
Godwin School  PrincipalDanielle Bache
Principal of SHIP/HIPKathleen Treni201-444-8882