DISTRICT GOALS:  2014-2015


 Goal Setting Date

Goal #1:

Improve student achievement results on district formative assessments, i.e., math unit assessments, APEX, Performance Series, student grade level cohort performance tests.  Ensure classroom instruction is aligned to Student Growth Objectives and Student Performance Objectives, and is Common Core-aligned. Increase the use of open-ended response during classroom instruction.  Increase the relevance/rigor of teacher SGOs and develop all SGOs on or before October 15, 2014.  (Emphasis will be placed on student cohort/content areas identified through analysis of state benchmark assessments and in-district assessment data.)

Goal #2:

Increase the relevance of technology infusion in classroom instruction.  Increase the use of technology during elementary classroom assessment to greater familiarize students with PARCC testing modalities. 

Goal #3

Explore the efficacy of a 1-1 Tech Tool Initiative—include review of relevant platforms, i.e., IPad, Google Chrome, Mac Book Air, and determine fiscal impact, including personnel-related issues.  Form a committee of administrators and teacher representatives, conduct site visits, model units of study, and provide a recommendation for prospective implementation, including timeline.

Goal #4

Establish an online resource bank of grade level and content-specific instructional resources for students to access during emergency closing days.